Working for New Kinpo Group

Working for New Kinpo Group

Culture & Values

Our corporate culture centers around three key principles: Innovation, Unity and Growth.

Innovation: New Kinpo Group is in constant pursuit of better ways to do business and solve our customer’s problems. We have worked to create a company culture where new ideas are welcome and encouraged. New Kinpo Group believes that inspiration comes from learning, and we encourage all employees to take advantage of numerous learning opportunities offered.

Unity: Teamwork is a core value at New Kinpo Group, and as such we seek to unite and inspire all employees to pursue a common goal.
Growth: New Kinpo Group seeks to be leaders in everything we do, including offering our customers lowers costs, faster delivery times and the very best possible product quality. We are always in pursuit of new challenges and better ways to serve our customers.

Training & Development

Our employees are our most important assets. Through our comprehensive training system, we help employees grow their skills and expertise. As a result, our employees improve work efficiently and promote the company’s overall development.

Training Features:
- Company-wide training is aligned to business goals and employee needs. In addition to training for new employees, job-skill-specific training, management training and other knowledge-based training, New Kinpo Group also offers an internal lecture series and on-the-job training within departments.
- New Kinpo Group encourages all employees to improve their language skills and provides a language-training center and other internal and external opportunities to hone their skills.

Types of training:
- New Employee Training: The general pre-job training provides new employees a practical introduction to the company culture.
- Management Development Training: Specific management trainings are implemented based on rank and job function.
- Professional Training: Trainings are designed to improve technical skills and diversify the skill sets of employees.
- Quality Management Training: Skill training related to quality management and methodology, including policy management, TQM, etc.
- General Training: Training organized for all employees, including language training (Thai, Portuguese, English and Japanese), computer skills, intellectual property rights, psychological health seminars and safety drills.
- Self-Improvement: Books, training material, specialized publications, magazines and videos are made available to employees to study and improve themselves after work or during leisure time.
- E-Learning: Kinpo Electronics, Inc. Online Academy offers online learning through online courses, electronic teaching material, audiovisual teaching and language lessons through the company’s intranet system.

Employee Welfare

- Annual bonus, performance bonus and dividends
- Patent awards
- Team performance and individual incentives

- Special allowances for weddings, childbirth, birthdays, hospitalization, and funerals
- Emergency relief allowance
- Membership to social and professional organizations
- Annual party to recognize outstanding team and individual performance

- Free annual medical check-ups
- Group insurance, labor insurance, accident insurance, travel insurance, and overseas travel insurance coverage
- Employee restaurant available, providing lunch and dinner buffet for employees every day
- Uniforms provided for new recruits
- Subsidies for company parking space
- Recreation facilities and activities
- Employee transportation: shuttle bus (Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand)
- Medical consultation service
- Free employee dormitory (China)