Management Philosophy

New Kinpo Group’s management team is founded on a strong entrepreneurial spirit, which means we take calculated risks, strive for continuous improvement, harness new opportunities and remain flexible about all possibilities. Our leaders consistently seek out new business models and practice innovative approaches.

Our people are our most valuable asset. The New Kinpo Group team is made up of competitive, self-disciplined, accountable individuals who specialize in effectively and proactively solving problems across departments, enterprises and global locations. We’ve built a culture of innovation by encouraging employees to suggest new solutions and rewarding team successes.

New Kinpo Group is a reliable and trustworthy manufacturing partner. We pride ourselves on meeting our customers’ needs, whether that means deploying new engineering processes, creating new products or building manufacturing sites in strategic locations to enable a shorter time to market.


Rock Sheng-hsiung Hsu established Kinpo Electronics with his father Mr. Chow-ing Hsu in 1973, and has served as chairman of New Kinpo Group since 1992. He also currently serves as chairman of more than 30 technology companies throughout Taiwan, including Cal-Comp Electronics & Communications Company, Compal Electronics, AcBel Polytech Inc, Vibo Telecom Inc. and the China Productivity Center. He is the primary business development strategist for New Kinpo Group, driving growth and development throughout the organization.
Hsu holds a Bachelor’s degree and an honorary doctorate from National Taiwan Normal University. In addition to his roles at New Kinpo Group, he also is the vice chairman of the Straits Exchange Foundation, honorary director-general of Taiwan Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers’ Association and Importers & Exporters Association of Taipei, deputy director-general for the Chinese National Federation of Industries, and national policy advisor under the office of the President and Advisor of the Executive Yuan.


In 2008, Simon Shen became CEO of New Kinpo Group, the parent company to Kinpo Electronics, Cal-Comp Electronics and Communications and AcBel PolyTech, where he leads more than 40,000 employees. Throughout the past five years he has successfully maintained sales revenue in existing OEM and ODM businesses, as well as developed new product lines across new consumer electronics categories including hard disk drives, network-attached storage, TV set-top-boxes, all-in-one PCs, laser printers, electronic keyboards, floor-sweeping robotics and LED lighting. Under the leadership of Shen, New Kinpo Group’s revenue increased by 12 percent in five years.
During his tenure as CEO, Shen has led the acquisition of two new plants in Singapore and the U.S., constructed manufacturing sites in Malaysia and Brazil and added manufacturing site in the Philippines and Mexico. Currently, Shen is the president of numerous subsidiaries under New Kinpo Group and is focusing on launching two New Kinpo Group brands: XYZprinting and Cal-Comp Biotech, to the global market.