About New Kinpo Group

About New Kinpo Group

New Kinpo Group, a corporation of several subsidiaries including Kinpo Electronics, Cal-Comp Electronics, and XYZprinting, is a global electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and original design manufacturing (ODM) company that offers its customers lower costs, faster delivery times and world-class product quality. The company’s EMS business spans multiple product lines, including storage, printers, network-attached storage (NAS), wireless and broadband, digital home, consumer electronics, wearables, 3D printing, robotics, power management and smart grid, industrial, automotive, security, medical/healthcare and emerging technologies. New Kinpo Group’s network of strategically located manufacturing sites have the added benefit of allowing customers to manufacture products closer to their end customers, resulting in dramatically reduced shipping costs, lower tariffs and more cost-effective inventory management.



  • Kinpo Electronics, Inc was founded in Taipei, Taiwan with 6 MIL NTD of capital and 50 employees


Capital increases 6 fold
Kinpo releases its first product, a LCD calculator


  • Began manufacturing electronic cash registers


  • Began manufacturing pocket calculator technology


  • Shenkeng, Taiwan factory opens
  • Capital reaches 145 MIL NTD


  • Introduced electronics insertion production line


  • Introduced surface-mount technology (SMT) production line and computer-aided design capability for more precise design


  • Achieved high market share in Japan


  • Kinpo Electronics, Inc. publicly traded in Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • Cal-Comp Electronics Company Limited founded in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Began manufacturing fax machine devices


  • Cal-Comp Electronics Company Limited factory in Thailand begins operation
  • Taoyuan, Taiwan factory acquired
  • Capital reaches $1,071,800,000 NTW


  • Taoyuan, Taiwan factory begins operation
  • Began manufacturing pocket PC and personal electronic organizer devices


  • Began manufacturing inkjet fax machine technology
  • All Shenkeng, Taoyuan, and Thai I & II factories pass ISO-9002 certification


  • Kinpo Electronics, Inc, invests in 10 million shares of “Company”
  • Transitions main manufacturing base to Thailand


  • Kinpo Electronics, Inc invests in AcBel Polytech to extend power management products
  • Began manufacturing image scanner technology
  • Kinpo Electronics, Inc. establishes factory in Dongguan, China
  • Establishes software development center in in Shanghai


  • Began manufacturing global positioning systems (GPS) and 900Mhz cordless telephone technology
  • Expanded Shenkeng factory by adding a new office building


  • Cal-Comp Electronics Company Limited establishes fourth factory in Thailand
  • AcBel Polytech establishes new factory in Dongguan, China
  • Began manufacturing desktop printer
  • New R&D center built in Thailand
  • New software development center started in Beijing, China
  • Received National Quality Awards by Taiwan’s Executive Yuan and Thailand’s Prime Minister’s Business Enterprise Award


  • Introduced cable modem
  • Fifth factory in Thailand is established
  • Expanded manufacturing base in Dongguan, China expanded


  • AcBel Polytech Inc. establishes factory in the Philippines
  • Began manufacturing digital camera


  • Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) Public Company Limited is publicly traded on the Thai Stock Exchange
  • Sixth factory in Thailand established
  • AcBel Polytech Inc. establishes AcTel Electronic Co., Ltd.


  • Began manufacturing photo printer and ADSL modem
  • Invested in Taiwan 3G Mobile Network Inc. to develop 3G mobile service in Taiwan
  • Official changed headquarters to Shenkeng, Taiwan


  • AcBel Polytech Inc. is publicly traded on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange
  • Cal-Comp Optical Electronics Co., Ltd. establishes factory in Suzhou, China
  • Received Texas Instruments’ Supplier Excellence Award
  • Cal-Comp Electronics built new factory in Wujiang, China
  • Taiwan 3G Mobile Network Inc. was renamed to Vibo Telecommunications
  • Began manufacturing digital recorder technology


  • Cal-Comp Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. establishes new facility in New Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Vibo Telecom Inc. officially begins operations in Taiwan
  • AcBel Polytech Inc. invests in Chinese company, HuHua Metal Electronics Ltd.
  • Received Texas Instruments’ Supplier Excellence Award
  • Began manufacturing vehicle GPS, personal DVD player, cordless laser mouse and fingerprint reader
  • Passed QS9000 and OHSAS 18001


  • Began manufacturing smart phone


  • AcBel Polytech Inc. establishes subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Germany
  • Third factory in Dongguan, China established
  • Began manufacturing external HDD storage


  • Received SONY’s Green Partner certification
  • Began manufacturing mobile devices


  • AcBel Polytech Inc. establishes subsidiary in South Korea
  • Began manufacturing TV set-top box and handheld GPS device
  • Received Texas Instruments’ Supplier Excellence Award and Sony’s Green Partner certification


  • Kinpo Electronics Co., Ltd. factory in China expanded
  • Received Texas Instruments’ Supplier Excellence Award with highest score ever recorded and Western Digital’s Performance Achievement Award
  • Began manufacturing car GPS, GSM & CDMA cellular phone devices and LED lightbulbs


  • Cal-Comp Electronics acquires Avaplas Ltd. of Singapore
  • Cal-Comp USA founded, factories established in San Diego, CA and Logansport, IN
  • Cal-Comp SDN. BHD. Established in Malaysia
  • AcBel Electronic Co., Ltd. established in Wuhan, China
  • Received Texas Instruments’ Supplier Excellence Award and Digital Persona’s Supplier Excellence Award
  • Passed IECQ QC-080000 Hazardous Substance Process Management System Certification
  • Began


  • Cal-Comp Electronics de Mexico Co. SA de CV established
  • Received Texas Instruments’ Supplier Excellence Award and HGST’s Excellent Partner Award
  • Received TL9000, GSV ISO22000 certification
  • Began manufacturing motherboard and gaming mouse devices
  • Production volume of calculator exceeded 6,000,000 each month


  • Global management application and digital headcount system introduced
  • Cal-Comp Technology established in the Philippines
  • Received Texas Instruments’ Supplier Excellence Award and Canon’s Q.C.D. Excellent Contribution Award
  • Began manufacturing fiber optic telecommunications product


  • Cal-Comp Biotech Co., Ltd. established for vertical hydroponic farming business
  • XYZprinting Inc. established, set up office in China, Japan, U.S. and E.U.
  • Began manufacturing floor-sweeping robotics, 3D printer and wearable devices
  • Sold Vibo Telecommunications
  • Received TS16949 and ISO14000 certification


  • XYZprinting establishes office in Korea
  • Founded Kinpo Electronics Inc. and established factory in the PhilippineReceived
  • Reviewed.com’s CES 2014 Editor’s Choice award for XYZprinting’s da Vinci 3D Printer


  • XYZprinting’s da Vinci Junior listed as PC Mag’s Best of CES 2015
  • Received Reviewed.com’s CES 2014 Editor’s Choice award for XYZprinting’s Nobel 1.0 3D Printer
  • Receive Digital Trends Top Tech of CES award for XYZprinting’s food printer